Last 6 months before modification date.

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L1: Last 6 months before modification date.Hello,
New SEPP Age 56 11/1961 First distribution:
June 19, 2017-Distributed full year, split into 7 months. Year 1
2018-Distributed full year into 12 months. Year 2
2019-Same Year 3
2020-Same Year 4
2021-Same Year 5
2022-What happens during January 1st to June 21? NO DISTRIBUTIONS until modification date? Or plan date is passed?
Thanks for your help!2017-09-19 01:15, By: Mtrcylmike, IP: []

L2: Last 6 months before modification date.Since this is a 5 year plan, it is safer to take NO distribution in 2022 before June 20th. After that date, distributions are not 72t distributions because the plan has ended, and such distributions have no restrictions.2017-09-19 02:53, By: Alan S, IP: []