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L1: Word of thanks. Just a word of thanks to Gordon and everyone else contributing to this forum. After years of studying on this site (at least 10 years) I took my first 72t distrubution today. Thanks to this site and all the forum posts, I feel I have a well documented 72t plan that should serve me well.
Bob B.
2013-09-06 15:30, By: Bob_85364 , IP: []

L2: Word of thanks. agree!
I am two years into my first 72T and everything I learned here helped to make it a smooth transition. I just started my second one today.2013-09-06 19:04, By: bimmer84, IP: []

L3: Word of thanks. Awesome site. I am about to pull the trigger on starting 72t distributions. Just saw an enrolled agent today and he came up with a number that I can’t figure out. I actually fell better using the information from this site to make the calculations.
That said, is the documentation I print from 72t_net enough to satisfy questions from the IRS should I get audited/questioned on the distributions?2013-10-17 04:45, By: stlsteve, IP: []

L4: Word of thanks. In the vast majority of cases, the documentation should suffice. However, it is difficult to anticipate all their questions or impressionssince many IRS agents do not understand 72t plans in the slightest. Same with many EAs and CPAs for that matter.2013-10-18 02:17, By: Alan S, IP: []

L2: Word of thanks. Thanks Gordon!2014-01-25 17:04, By: James, IP: []