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L1: SEPP DocumentationRead the following pointer on this website,”Retain all of your documentation for at least seven years after the plan ends. At a minimum, documentation should include information on the initial calculations, an officialstatement with the initial balance used in the calculations and a statement showing the date and amount of the initial distribution. In addition, you shouldkeepannual statements showing the distribution amounts and timing of all distributions. Youmay also want to review our sample SEPP Form.Question is that if you use the calculator on this website, is there documentation created somewhere taht can be used? If not what do you recommenddoing?2010-04-17 19:38, By: ralph, IP: []
L2: SEPP DocumentationBy that question I meantdocumentation ofthe actualamortization calculations no just the output?2010-04-17 21:33, By: ralph, IP: []

L3: SEPP DocumentationThe calculators use standard financial formulas, the results of which can be duplicated on any standard financial calculator or spreadsheet program – you merely have to read the documentation or help files associated with whatever you choose to use.
With that said and after reading all of your questions, I would strongly suggest that you either: 1) spend additional time studying what a SEPP plan is and then posting your questions, or 2) that you hire a professional.
By hiring a professional, you can probably get the guarantee that you seem to be looking for or they will at least be able to answer your questions in greater detail.2010-04-17 21:48, By: Gfw, IP: []