Timing of Distribution

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L1: Timing of DistributionTook first SEPP distribution of annual amount $60,000 on 1/25/09. Do I have to wait until after 1/25/10 to take my distribution for 2010 or can I take it anytime during the year, even on 1/4/10?2009-11-19 22:48, By: Kim, IP: []
L2: Timing of DistributionKim,You can take your 2010 distribution on any date you prefer in 2010, including the first business day of the year. You can also set up monthly or quarterly payments if you wanted to and can change the dates of distributions from year to year. The only critical element is that your exact amount of 60,000 needs to be distributed by the end of each year.That said, taking out the entire amount early in the year will obviously require that you budget and control your expenses very carefully since you cannot take out any more until the following calendar year without busting your plan.2009-11-19 23:49, By: Alan S., IP: []