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L1: Ending SEPP with FidelityHello, first of all I’ve consulted this page many times and successfully been receiving monthly payments from an existing SEPP for years. DOB 11/22/51 first distribution was 2/2010. Thanks for all the great information.
I started this later than most at the age of 58 but it’s worked out well so far. Now it’s getting towards the end and I have a couple of questions. Fidelity doesn’t seem to set it up as a 5 yr. plan, it seems the onus is on the consumer to end it. They seem to have it set up with my life expectancy.
My account shows the first withdrawl to be 3/2010 but on the website it says first withdrawl 2/2010. I’m assuming the statement was 3/1/2010 and showing the 2/2010 withdrawl.
Anyhow, after talking on the phone with them for quite a while. It seems I have to send in a letter to stop it, and of course they tell me to talk to my tax advisor etc. I just want to make sure that there is no “penalty” to going over the 5 yrs. just to be sure? If I have records of 60 monthly withdrawls is that good enough to satisfy the IRS if there are questions? Oddly I’m looking to keep my income a bit low this coming year because of the healthcare thresholds. But I do want to satisfy this, close it, and be done with it. Maybe take a withdrawl of some sort after I’m sure this is completed.
So essentially, if the plan started in 2/2010 it should end 1/2015 last payment. If I take 2/2015 at the same rate and stop it is that safe enough? To be sure I also question that there is no penalty for doing that?
Sorry if this is very confusing, but thanks in advance.
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L2: Ending SEPP with FidelityStart with ourhttp://72t.net/72t/Calculator/First/Modification/Datecalculator. It will tell you when the 5 years will be up and the plan can be safely terminated.
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L3: Ending SEPP with FidelityThank you for that gfw. So it says 2/2015 is the 5 yr. end. Just to be clear though, is there any danger for taking the same monthly distribution for 3/2015? Just to be safe. Does it have to end on the 60 month date?
Thanks again,
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L3: Ending SEPP with FidelitySince there seems to be some uncertainty about the starting date, I would take distributions thru March 2015, just to be safe. Then you can stop or take whatever you want from April 2015 on. One safety distribution should not be a problem, and Fidelity will code it with a 1 or 2, and you cannot do anything about it anyway.2014-08-26 00:15, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L4: Ending SEPP with FidelityThank you both so much. I think that’s what I’ll do. It just feels better to be safer.
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