SEPP IRA account and ‘other’ IRA Account

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L1: SEPP IRA account and ‘other’ IRA Accounthi, i greatly appreciate the organizers of this board. i have spoken with IRS, and the people who answer the phone are quite uninformed on this topic. on to my question;when i open my new account, and transfer funds/securities to that account, does it matter whether the original account is the one i intend to be my SEPP account? keeping the 2nd account as my ‘just in case something happens’ account? Thanks!!2012-05-05 08:47, By: nick, IP: []
L2: SEPP IRA account and ‘other’ IRA AccountEither account may be used as the SEPP account. Just designate which account will be used and base your initial calculations on the designated account. The other may be used for emergencies, etc without impacting the SEPP account.
If you base your calculations on the total of both accounts, then both accounts are part of the SEPP. If both accounts are part of the SEPP, distributions could come from either account or both accounts as long as the exact annual distribution is made.2012-05-05 09:48, By: Gfw, IP: []