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L1: 72(t) rateI need to start a 72(t) ( i was layed off 6 months ago and have goen through other savings) . I talked to my tax advisor and he quoted a 2.59% rate for May2009. The information form this site states 2.33 % rate for April 2009 and 2.59% for May 2009. I am confused as to what rate I would use. I thought there was a statement for a 60 day window for the rate. Does this mean if I start the distribution in may 2009 I can use 2.59% ?2009-04-15 18:54, By: p28720, IP: []
L2: 72(t) rateFor a plan with the first distribution in May, the rate would be 2.59% – Check out this page and your questions will be answered http://72t.net/InterestRates/RatesFor72t.aspx
2009-04-15 19:15, By: Gfw, IP: []