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L1: Future Help
I have followed this site for about 1 year but I am still about 1 year away from starting a 72T. I know the site is closing down and that really hurts me as I have learned a lot. My question is what other sites or forums does anyone know of where questions such as these can be answered?
Thank you.
2019-04-24 19:16, By: rybkard, IP: []

L2: Future Help
Hi Rich and everyone, I’m working on copying the content of the site and I hope to re-open it shortly after May 1. I don’t yet have permission to use the current URL, though in any case I’ll post the new URL when I have one.
2019-04-24 19:30, By: TracyM, IP: [2601:44:4200:4d12:f07c:93ed:95c0:4281]