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L1: account valueI’m starting a 72T account in Feb.2013 Is it acceptable to use an account value on an IRA
from Oct. 2012
thanks RJ2013-01-31 18:09, By: rj, IP: []

L2: account valueRJ, In your case, any valuation from Oct 2012to the valuation the day you compute the calculation so you can provide your custodian the amount of your periodic payments is recent enough for the SEPP you plan to start in FEB, since they are all under 6 months from start of SEPP, which seems to be a reasonable “max” spread that is used.Just make sure you have a printed hard copy of the account to validate the actual figure you used in your calcs, and you cannot have added or subtracted or transferred anything in or out of that IRA account after that date you picked for the value to use. BTW- If you wait until March 2013, you can use the higher 1.21% rate (FEB rate) in your calcs, (if it gives a better payout result that you are interested in utilizing) and still take a full year’s worth of payments in 2013 if needed, to help make up for missing FEB payment. Istarted one in May 2007, and had custodiangive me 5 months of payments in May, and then start monthly rate in June and going forward. I gave him percents to withhold for FED and STATE so it worked no matter how they “paid” me. KEN2013-01-31 21:36, By: Ken, IP: []