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L1: safe ending date
Firstly, thanks to all for the helpfuladvice on this web site. My retirement budget has gone well, and I am in the position to run our household budget without my 72t distribution. When is it safe to end it? My facts are: June 23, 2006 age 55, retired
July 1, 2006 (started traditional pension), Oct 15, 2006 1st distribution (monthly) continuing to 9/15/11. Passed age 59 1/2 on Dec 23,2010.
I have taken my 60 monthly equal distributions, but in my research, I have seen references to “End of 5 year period” and “5 full annual distributions”. leading me to wonder if Dec. 31, 2011 or Oct 31, 2011 are key ending times. The distributions are coming
from a Credit Union IRA money market account slowly dropping to 0.74 APR. I would like to move to a Credit Union IRA CD returning 2.15 APR. I can’t move until its safe to stop 72t dist., can’t distribute from a CD, and can’t go back to MM once in CD.

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L2: safe ending date
You didn’t give a date of birth, so I used 06/23/1951. Based on a 1st distribution date of 10/15/2006, the first modification date would be 10/15/2011.
I used our calculator at
If you have already taken 60 full monthly distributions, your last distribution would have occurred on 09/15/2011. Just don’t make any changes until 10/15/2011. This would not preclude you from changing your investments before the 10/15 date.

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