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L1: date to end 72tI’m going to start a 72T plan feb 4th thru Ameritrade
Birthdate 2/14/1960 amount $688081.00 SEPP intrest rate 1.14% return rate 5% single life expectancy. no annual calculation. Amortization Method
Spouce 1/22/1962. Calculated annual distribution 26,192.88 I plan on taking monthly payments of $2182.74 First year will be a stub year 11×2182.74=24010.14
2014=26192.88, 2015=26192.88, 2016=26192.88, 2017=26192.88, 2018=26192.88
In 8/14/2019 I’ll be 591/2 question can I do a end date of 8/15/2019 or do I end 12/31/2019. Also do my figures look right.
2013-01-22 16:16, By: rj, IP: []

L2: date to end 72tAll of your numbers look about right.
Based on the information provided, your plan will end at age 59.5 plus 1 day = 08/15/2019.
In that final year, you would have the option of…
1) take nothing;
2) take a prorated amount jan through aug; or
3) take the annual full amount. 2013-01-22 19:10, By: Gfw, IP: []