Distributions by amortization

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L1: Distributions by amortizationI’m planning to start a sepp plan by calculating the end balance at the end of November taking the first Distributions in december. My question is if I’m doing it by amortization do I have to wait till December of next year to do the 2nd withdrawal or can I do it anytime during the calender year?2015-11-05 15:43, By: Charjenk, IP: []
L2: Distributions by amortization1) You can take the 2016 distribution anytime you wish or in various partial payments anytime you wish. But the 2016 total must be the exact amount of your calculation.
2) For 2015, the December distribution can be either 1/12 of your annual calculation or 100% of your annual calculation.2015-11-06 02:24, By: Alan S, IP: []