box 7 on 1099R form

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L1: box 7 on 1099R form I received a 1099r withholding form from my broker today, I started a 72t last year and box 7 is marked 1, on their web site they said all 1099r forms would be marked 1 as of 1/1/2008. My question is if I send the IRS the 1009r form marked 1 and send the other forms 1099-r and 5329 marked 2, will the IRS know this is a taxabledistribution under a 72t and is penalty free. Thanks, Retired2009-01-27 00:23, By: Retired in Colorado, IP: []
L2: box 7 on 1099R formI assume you are filing a paper return and are only attaching the 1099R because of the tax withholding. If so, the IRS should only use that form to confirm your withholding and should use your 5329 to override the early withdrawal penalty.2009-01-27 05:06, By: Alan S., IP: []