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L1: plan endMy SEPP plan started on 12/20/07. I’ve only taken annual calendar distributions in the exact same amount.
My DOB is 6/30/59 so I turn 59.5 on 12/30/18 and my first modification date is 12/31/18.
so if plan ends in 2018 is my last equal payment in 2017 or 2018? thanks to all…..2017-02-09 16:46, By: fiscalboy, IP: []

L2: plan endIt’s your choice. In the final year of a SEPP ending at 59.5, you can distribute nothing, a pro rated amount by the month (11/12 of the annualin this case),or take out your full annual distribution.2017-02-09 22:36, By: Alan S, IP: []