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L1: irrevocable change to RMDStarted SEPP at age 50 in 2001. In Jan. of ’09, I changed to RMD. I used Ed Slott’smaterial as reference and Fidelity did the math.I get different opinions ifthis will work. If not, can I put it back before the end of the year? Bill2009-12-24 02:07, By: Bill, IP: []
L2: irrevocable change to RMDFrom Revenue Ruling 2002-62…Section 2.01(a) – The required minimum distribution method. The annual payment for each year is determined by dividing the account balance for that year by the number from the chosen life expectancy table for that year. Under this method, the account balance, the number from the chosen life expectancy table and the resulting annual payments are redetermined for each year. If this method is chosen, there will not be deemed to be a modification in the series of substantially equal periodic payments, even if the amount of payments changes from year to year, provided there is not a change to another method of determining the payments. Section 2.03(b) -One-time change to required minimum distribution method. An individual who begins distributions in a year using either the fixed amortization method or the fixed annuitization method may in any subsequent year switch to the required minimum distribution method to determine the payment for the year of the switch and all subsequent years and the change in method will not be treated as a modification within the meaning of 72(t)(4). Once a change is made under this paragraph, the required minimum distribution method must be followed in all subsequent years. Any subsequent change will be a modification for purposes of 72(t)(4). As long as you followed the rules, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remember that the calculation is now an annual calculation until the SEPP plan ends. Each year, use your attained age as of 12/31 of the distribution year and the previous year’s 12/31 IRA balance.2009-12-24 10:46, By: Gfw, IP: []