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L1: Good or Bad Idea?Hello all,As of 2/23/2009, I willbe 59 1/2 and will have completed all obligations regarding my curren 72t arrangement which I started on 1/1/2003.Now, thinking ahead, I know I will be obligated to take RMD distributions at 70 1/2; however, I was wondering if this strategy would work to defer this requirement. I am 59 1/2 and my wife is 49 1/2.Would I be able to start a new “joint 72t arrangement when I am 68 and she is 58? If so, and given the 5 year duration requirement, would this new arrangement allow us to essentially defer taking RMDs until I would be 73 and she would be 63?I also heard that Obama may remove the RMD requirement at some point in time; however, his campain “hope and change” speeches have all turned into “doom and gloom” speeches so I have no idea as to what is going to happen.Your comments please; good bad or indifferent.Thanks,pagroundhog2009-02-13 07:27, By: pagroundhog, IP: []
L2: Good or Bad Idea?Can you defer the RMD? No. You must begin taking distributions at your age 70.5. The RMD at age 70.5 make the assumption that your spouse is 10 years younger.The RMD requirements for 2010 only have been suspended. Don’t count on any additional future suspensions. With the “spending” thatthe new presidentis doing, the gov will need allthe money it can find – if you have it, they will want it.2009-02-13 12:16, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Good or Bad Idea?Hello Gfw,Thank your for that clarificattion.Best regards,pagroundhog2009-02-13 15:05, By: pagroundhog, IP: []

L3: Good or Bad Idea?Good morning Gordon. I’m sure you will recognizeyour “typo” in the following sentence … “The RMD requirements for 2010 only have been suspended.”Should read … “The RMD requirements for 2009 only have been suspended.”Jim2009-02-13 15:09, By: Jim, IP: []