How do I deal with FIT

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L1: How do I deal with FIT Atread want to distribute existing sepp. Your calculator has been helpful. I assume that the amount projected has not been reduced for FIT.
Can I request my investment company to add the tax to my distribution to assure that I have sufficient funds to pay annual FIT?2012-05-23 10:50, By: Westie Dad, IP: []

L2: How do I deal with FIT No. The distribution must be no more than and no less than the calculated annual amount.
If income taxes are going to be paid with SEPP dollars, they would be paid from the calculated SEPP distribution and you would have the net amount to meet your living expenses.
You can request (but I wouldn’t) that they reduce the calculated SEPP amount by any estimated income tax.2012-05-23 11:03, By: Gfw, IP: []