IRS letter, How do I respond?

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L1: IRS letter, How do I respond?So IRA is sent me a letter indicating I own 10% interest on my 72t withdrawals:
Yes I filled out form 5329 indicating the SEPP exception code 2
It was electronic so I know they have the form
Other than responding with another copy of 5329, and quoting their own regulations, I’m not sure what else I can do. Anyone who has been through this? Any pro pointers to what to include in my response letter to make them happy? It’s a form letter so they don’t ask for anything specific.2017-08-31 17:24, By: Tom, IP: []

L2: IRS letter, How do I respond?Is this a CP2000, notice? if it is it is completely computer generated, I would just send back in the 5329 with your explanation, it should take care of the matter.2017-08-31 21:12, By: Mike, IP: []

L3: IRS letter, How do I respond?Yes, it was a CP2000 notice.2017-08-31 23:41, By: Tom, IP: []