Monthly Payment under Amortization Method

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L1: Monthly Payment under Amortization MethodLooking for feedback on a 72(t) that was createdusing the amortization method.
* A monthly amortization was ran instead of crunching the annual amortization and dividing by 12 for a monthly figure.
To my understanding PLR 9050030 states this calculation is fine. However, does anyone have any feedback on this type of monthly calculation. Also, I have had difficulty finding the Private Letter Ruling stated above. Does anyone have a copy or a site they could point me to?
Thanks!2014-04-09 20:09, By: OP, IP: []

L2: Monthly Payment under Amortization MethodCalculation related PLRs that pre date RR 2002-62 may have limited relevancy. Variations from the annual calculation based on varying distribution patterns have been around awhile and Fidelity Investments is known to support them. Pragmatically, the IRS has not been known to bust plans over the limited distribution amount differencebased on a beginning year or end of year distribution, which of course affects the expected return. I have not been able to pull up the PLR either.2014-04-13 04:09, By: Alan S, IP: []