Guidance for how to take annual distributions

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L1: Guidance for how to take annual distributionsIn terms of how to take yearly distributions within the year, based on my reading, there is no actual guidance other than to take the required amount annually. So if I’m set up for $100/yr, I can do: 100, or 50/50, or 1/9/40/25/25 as long as the distributions add to the required annual amount. Is this correct?2017-10-15 03:03, By: SEPPnewbie, IP: []
L2: Guidance for how to take annual distributionsCorrect. However, the first calendar year, YOU have an option to take a prorata amount based upon the month you take your first distribution to start the plan. Basically that depends on your tax situation, and cash flow needs.2017-10-15 05:18, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []