When to stop required withdrawals

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L1: When to stop required withdrawalsI started 72t withdrawals in 2007. I turned 59 on September 9, 2014. Am I required to make a final withdrawal in 2015? If so, does it need to be before or after I turn 59 1/ 2 in March 2015?
Thank you.2015-01-05 19:49, By: bob33, IP: []

L2: When to stop required withdrawalsNo distribution required in 2015. Your other options are either a full annual distribution before 3/9 or 1/6 of your annual amount before 3/9.
On 3/9 your plan terminates, so you can take out as little or as much as you wish after that.2015-01-05 20:39, By: Alan S, IP: []