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L1: Age at Set UpMy birth date is 07/02/1959.I plan to start a SEPP in January 2010. Do I use age 50 or 51 when I set up my plan?Also, if I choose to stop the plan at age 59 1/2, would my last distribution be in 2018 (must I take a distribution in 2018)? Thank you for the great information on this web site!2009-12-10 16:07, By: Dee, IP: []
L2: Age at Set UpYour age would be your attained age in the year when the first distribution occurs.In terms of 2018, check the First Modification Date calculator at it will give you based on when you start, when the plan can be altered or terminated.2009-12-10 16:21, By: Gfw, IP: []