Fidelity and SEPP Plans

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L1: Fidelity and SEPP PlansI am considering a new SEPP Plan commencing January 2019 when I turn 53 (DOB 12/1965). All of my retirement assets will have been consolidated in a Fidelity IRA by that point in time. I notice several comments on this forum that recognize Vanguard and Ameritrade for their familiarity with SEPP Plans. Does anybody have any experience with Fidelity? Are they efficient to work with on setting up SEPP withdrawals without hassle? Any experience with Fidelity that anybody would like to share? Thanks.2017-09-25 10:22, By: JD, IP: []
L2: Fidelity and SEPP Plans I had Fidelity for my Sepp plan which ended a couple of years ago. I had no problem with them during the 60 months I had the plan. The key I think, is to find someone in Fidelity, Vangarde, etc., who is knowledgeable about Sepp plans.2017-09-25 12:34, By: Chris, IP: []

L3: Fidelity and SEPP PlansIt always depends upon the rep handling the account at the company. I think you might be able to search this website for comments about Fidelity, Vanguard, and other companies.
I think that there have been more favorable comments about Vanguard than Fidelity, and more unfavorable comments or problems with Fidelity than with Vanguard.2017-09-25 14:55, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L4: Fidelity and SEPP PlansI’m currently using Fidelity for my SEPP and am into my 4th year with no issues. Luckily I got a Fidelity representative who directed me to this website and used the information from this site to instruct Fidelity on my SEPP. It was very evident to me that Fidelity knew what needed to be done for setting up a 72T, but was reluctant to do so due to not wanting to take responsibility should a mistake be made. Really pretty easy to setup after getting over the fear factor. I have Fed & State taxes deducted monthly and remainder deposited into my checking account with Fidelity. My 2 cents…2017-09-25 20:44, By: Willbeone, IP: []