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L1: 5yrs or 591/2 whichever is longerI started a SEPP on 4-1-2004. My DOB is 4-19-1949Can I modify my distribution after3-1-2009 or do i need to continue through year end 2009?I will have taken 60 equal payments as of 3-1-2009. Any advise would be helpful2008-11-12 08:40, By: 140slipknot, IP: []
L2: 5yrs or 591/2 whichever is longerThe answer to your question is on your left. Simply go to “Calculators,” then “SEPP Calculators,” Then to “SEPP Last Payment Date” and you will find a very simple calcualtor to answer your question. Enter your DOB and the date for the first distribution and it will give you the answer.Hint: Your date of 3-1-2009 is close but wrong. Jim2008-11-12 09:06, By: Jim, IP: []

L2: 5yrs or 591/2 whichever is longerThe calculator modification date reflects when payments can be stopped. Therefore, they can be stopped as of April, 2009with the 60th and final payment having been made in March. It does not matter whether you are paid on the first or the last day of the month. There is some inherent confusion whether the act of stopping contemplates the last payment or the first month without a payment. The latter applies.Starting in April, 2009 you can take out any amount you wish without penalty because you have reached your modification date.2008-11-12 13:28, By: Alan S., IP: []