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L1: 72t start dateI have a client who moved her profit sharing plan to an IRA in January of 2009. Since the distribution calculation is supposedly based on the 12/31/08 balance can she make withdrawals in 2009 and if so, is the withdrawal amountbased on the balance when the funds were transferred to the IRA i.e. the January 2009 balance?2009-08-18 22:52, By: larry, IP: []
L2: 72t start dateCheck out http://72t.net/RevenueRuling2002-62
Use a balance at, or after, the transfer that represents a reasonable representation of the value when the SEPP is adopted.
A balance that has changed by 10% or 20% since January would probably not be reasonable. 2009-08-18 23:07, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: 72t start dateThanks for your response.2009-08-19 00:17, By: larry, IP: []