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L1: account valuationI have 2 questions and would appreciate any info you can share.1. I started sepp distributions in January of 2008. The custodian who was in charge of my account then used a balance that was fromsomewhere in the middle of December 2007. I do nothave any printed reference for that amount except for an e-mail from my custodian explaining the account balance, interest rate, etc. I do have a statement from year end 2007 and that amount is about $1200 dollars less than the amount that the custodian used. Is this going to be a red flag to the IRS?2. To back up my previous custodians calculations, I purchased the calculator from this website ( YYZ, I think). My custodians calculation comes out to $60000/year and the calculator from this website is $59999.77. Will the IRS let you round up the 23 cents like they round up on your tax return or will that be a problem? Thanks.2010-01-20 20:50, By: chuck, IP: []
L2: account valuation#1 – merely save the email that you received as part of the SEPP documentation.#2 – purely a rounding difference – generally rounding the annual amountby49 cents or less is considered OK.2010-01-20 21:00, By: Gfw, IP: []