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L1: Add to IREIhave set up a SEPP on an IRA. I separated the IRA into two accounts to get this started. If I get part time workduring my retirement can I still contribute to the non-sepp IRA up to the legal limits?2009-11-27 19:00, By: Jim R, IP: []
L2: Add to IREYes, you can contribute to the non SEPP account or take early distributions from it without affecting your SEPP plan. I am assuming that you partitioned the IRA prior to ordering your first SEPP distribution and did not include the total balancefor both accountsin your SEPP calculations.2009-11-27 19:34, By: Alan S., IP: []

L3: Add to IREYour assumptions are correct. Thanks for the reply2009-11-27 22:34, By: Jim R, IP: []