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L1: Adding funds to SEPP accountIs it OK to add funds to an account after it has been designated as a source of SEPP distributions or does that “bust” the SEPP?2009-11-14 01:23, By: Jeff, IP: []
L2: Adding funds to SEPP accountYou give no details, but …Revenue Ruling 2002-62, Section 2.02 (e) Changes to account balance. Under all three methods, substantially equal periodic payments are calculated with respect to an account balance as of the first valuation date selected in paragraph (d) above. Thus, a modification to the series of payments will occur if, after such date, there is (i) any addition to the account balance other than gains or losses, (ii) any nontaxable transfer of a portion of the account balance to another retirement plan, or (iii) a rollover by the taxpayer of the amount received resulting in such amount not being taxable2009-11-14 01:29, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: Adding funds to SEPP account
In short… no, it is not OK to add anything to a SEPP account once distributions commence. Only the calculated amount can come out of the SEPP. Nothing else can go in or out other than normal market value changes and the usual account fees. It is OK to buy, sell, or swap mutual funds and other investments within the account, however.2009-11-14 06:21, By: Ed_B, IP: []