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L1: Age of 72(t) CalcWhat age should be used in a 72(t) calculation? Is it their age at the end of the year–or when the calculation is performed?2008-08-06 13:56, By: Ed, IP: []
L2: Age of 72(t) CalcFrom our FAQ…
Q. How is my age calculated? A. Your age would be your attained age as of your birthday in the calendar year in which the distributions commence. PLR 89460452008-08-06 14:09, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: Age of 72(t) CalcWhen you put Gordon”s answer into “redneck speak,” simply ask the following question:
“How old ya gona be at the end of the year (12/31) when y”all takethe first distribution?”
Hope this helps.

Jim2008-08-07 12:18, By: Jim, IP: []