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L1: Begining BalanceI am going to begin 72t distributions in October 2009. What begining balance for my calculations should I use. The balance at the begining of 2009 or the balance as of Oct. 1
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L2: Begining BalanceI believe that 12/31/2008 is too long ago. I think that you can choose 6/30, 7/31, or 8/31. 9/30 would be too close to 10/1. Use whichever one best fits your needs, which is usually the highest one.
Use the reverse calcualtor on this website to determine how much of your IRA balance(s) you need to satisfy the formula calculation, and then move the remainder to another IRA account before start distributions.2009-08-24 17:24, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []