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L1: breaking SEPPI am considering breaking my SEPP.I have been taking distributions monthly. Can I re-contribute the 10 monthly distributions and back date the break to the beginning of the year?2009-10-12 02:13, By: amgems, IP: []
L2: breaking SEPPNo. You are only allowed one rollover per IRA account in a 12 month period, and it must be done within 60 days of the distribution. That would only allow you to roll one monthly distribution back to the IRA.If you simply want to reduce your annual distribution, you are allowed a one time switch to the RMD method. That usually results in a substantial reduction in the amount of your distribution. Since you have taken out 9 payments even using the one rollover, you would have to make that change effective 1/1/2010, barring the unlikely chance that your account value is much higher than when you started the plan.If there is another reason why you want to bust the SEPP, please advise. How long do you haveleft to complete the term? 2009-10-12 04:35, By: Alan S., IP: []

L3: breaking SEPPAnd when did you start your distributions, and how much have you taken in distributions since whenever you started ?2009-10-12 20:47, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []