Brokered CDs

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L1: Brokered CDsI will be starting a SEPP in January based on account balances 12/31/08. Part of my investments include “brokered CDs”. Normally a CD would not have a market value because generally they are not bought and sold like normal marketable securities. Although I plan to keep the CDs until maturity, my brokerage statement includes an estimated market value for them. My question is: do I use my original cost plus accrued interest as of 12/31/08 to value these CDs or the estimated market value provided in my brokerage statement?2008-12-30 21:57, By: Sandy, IP: []
L2: Brokered CDsWhat value does your account statement show as of 12/31/2008? Whatever that might be should be OK with the IRS.It is a good idea to keep copies of ALL paperwork involving the IRS. If you have on-line access to your account, you could download a copy of your 12/31/2008 account statement. It’s always good to have proof of what you have and what you are doing in case the IRS ever questions your SEPP method.2008-12-30 22:45, By: Ed_B, IP: []

L3: Brokered CDsHi Sandy,I had this same situation – brokered CDs and bonds were in my portfolio. You use the account balance (market value)- the full value of your CDs willnot be available to you for your calculation. Good luck with your plan. Cheri2009-01-01 16:02, By: Cheri, IP: []