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L1: calculation using life expectancy choicesI am confused on how to determine which of the life expetancy choices you should use whenperforming your SEPP calculation. Specifically, I am married with my wife three years younger than me. If we have a joint IRA account am I required to use the joint life expectancy when calculating my SEPP amount. 2008-05-31 02:05, By: mikes, IP: []
L2: calculation using life expectancy choicesLet”s start with… There is no such thing as a Joint IRA account. You can have an IRA, your spouse can have an IRA, but you can”t both use the same IRA.
You can use any of the available options, but most people would use single life expectancy and the amortization method. Just because you are married doesn”t mean that you have to use joint calculations for a SEPP.2008-05-31 04:05, By: Gfw, IP: []