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L1: changing the method of calculationif you have started a 72 (t) distribution based on the amoritization schedule is it possible to change the method used to calculate from amoritization to required minimum distribution method in order lower the monthly amount received? i do not need the higher amount and with market losses i would like a lower monthly amount2008-12-31 17:47, By: kyle, IP: []
L2: changing the method of calculationYes, you may make the one time switch to the RMD method and if so, this should be done effective 1/1/2009.However, be sure you can live on the reduced amount because the RMD method compounded with the market losses in 2008 may reduce your distribution too much, and increase the chance that you will eventually have to bust the plan. It is also harder to budget because the account balance is going to fluctuate depending on the type of investments you maintain in the account.What year and month did your 72t plan begin, and at what age and month?2008-12-31 23:46, By: Alan S., IP: []