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L1: Gold ETF in your 72T IRA – Barron’sFor those of you holding gold or gold ETF’s in your 72T I suggest you read Barron’s (Nov. 16,2009) article titled “Gold is Precious to the IRS, Too’. Once again, your 72t can rides on a private-letter ruling. I am in the last year of my 72t and I’m gonna steer away from any commodity ETF’s just to be sure.
This site has been a very valuable resource for me and I thank everyone that offers their expertise and opinions. MichaelT.
2009-11-16 01:51, By: MichaelT, IP: []

L2: Gold ETF in your 72T IRA – Barron’sI’ve had GLD and SLV and GTU and CEF in my IRA for years and have never received a distribution from them. But after reading this Barron’s article I wonder if it could happen. Even if they have a PLR would that protect the individual investor? Could the IRS retroactively force them to charge us distributions for prior years thereby breaking 72ts?2009-11-16 10:44, By: daddy0, IP: []