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L1: I fought the law and I wonJust thought I’d share this.
I started a SEPP distribution in 2009, after retiring in 2008 at age 51. A few months ago, I recieved a notice from the IRS that my 2009 tax return was being “examined” and that I owed over $8,000 in penalties, which amounted to a 10% early withdrawal penalty not only on my SEPP, but also on my wife’s pension (she’s over 55). Needless to say, I was freaking out. I sent a response to the IRS explaining that 2009 was the first year of my SEPP (Which I coded as 2) and that my wife’s pension should not be subject to any penalties.
Well, today I finally got a response back from the IRS that I did not owe any penalties. Major sigh of relief. But frankly it pisses me off that the approach taken by the IRS was essentially to tell my that I was guilty until I proved my innocence.2011-02-01 23:01, By: Alan, IP: []

L2: I fought the law and I wonCongratulations
Mistakes happen, but it is nice to be on the winning side. A few years ago, I received a notice that I owed them about $28k and that sense of panic also happened. This time the problem was all because the Treasury reported the early termination of some non-tax qualified treasury bonds as a 100% taxable situation – I made my case in writing, sent them the documentationand agreed that I owed them tax on about about $800, but that the rest was caused by the governments mistake and that I never received the 1099 for the $800 which they must have realized wasn’t ever sent – long story short – they said that I owed nothing and the case was closed. I was also happy 2011-02-01 23:10, By: Gfw, IP: []