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L1: joint calculationI’m new to the site and don’t understand the difference of the single or joint calculation. Is it that you have a choice of using your own age, or a joint age calculation based on the age of your beneficiary (my wife)? Why is the payment amount higher for “single” if my wife is older than me?2009-07-18 00:31, By: mosswood, IP: []
L2: joint calculationCalculations using joint life expectancyare a seldom used option. It will always generate a lower payment simply because the payment is assumed to be made over the life expectancy of two individuals rather than one. You can see the difference between Joint and Single life calculations by playing with our calculator at:
You will also see the difference in life expectancy based on the mortality table selected for the calculations.2009-07-18 09:55, By: Gfw, IP: [::1]