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L1: Length of 72(t) DistributionsWe are establishing a 72(t) distribution for a client. I have beentelling the Primary Advisor the client must take these distributions for a minimum time period, not just past when they hit the59 1/2 years of age mark. Their birthday is 11-15-1955 (currently 53 years old) and a non-spousal beneficiary. The first distribution will be by March 15, 2009. Distributions will be sent monthly. Until whenmust they take the 72(t) distribution? (I am thinking until they receive their December 2016 dsitribution).2009-02-19 13:44, By: ED, IP: []
L2: Length of 72(t) DistributionsStart with the calculator at http://72t.net/Sepp/Irc72tLastPaymentDate.aspx- that will tell you the first payment modification date.2009-02-19 14:05, By: Gfw, IP: []