Life Expectancy

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L1: Life ExpectancyWhen I use the Amorization SEPP calculator my Life Expectancy (LE) comes out to 28.7…When I use the default (1983 (a)) (LE) calculator it comes out 27.7…Is the SEPP calculator defaulting to the appropriate (LE) table and do I just go with the 28.7???2010-01-07 21:01, By: KennyMike, IP: []
L2: Life ExpectancyDid you read the first paragraph on the Life Expectancy calculator page…
Life Expectancy Estimator/Calculator – Use this calculator to calculate estimated single or joint life expectancy based on commonly used mortality tables. Note, do not use the results for either SEPP or Minimum distribution calculations.2010-01-07 21:10, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Life ExpectancyObviously not…Thank you for the reply…2010-01-07 21:29, By: KennyMike, IP: []

L4: Life ExpectancyNo problem. You want to use the SEPP calculator for SEPP calculations. All the other tables, before 2002-62, were usable for SEPP plans. 2002-62 specifically defined the table to use.2010-01-07 21:37, By: Gfw, IP: []