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L1: Life Expectancy TableI’m going to switch to the Required Minimum Distribution method on my 72T distributions. Where do I find the Single Life Expectancy table approved by the IRS? Is there an accurate online calculator that will give the correct amount?2008-11-26 18:32, By: ChuckC, IP: []
L2: Life Expectancy TableIRS Publication 590, which can be accessed at and then go to “publications”.Also, J K Lasser “Your Income Tax” has the table(s), available at super bookstores and office superstores, or possibly your library.2008-11-26 20:56, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L2: Life Expectancy TableFor a calculator, checkthe left menu orbrowse to 01:23, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: Life Expectancy TableChuck,Most people electing the one time switch to the RMD method do so to reduce their annual distribution. You have a choice of tables to use, and the single life table is just one of them. Using that table will provide you with the highest payout under the RMD method, and for many that is the best option.However, if you elect to use the Uniform Table or the Joint Life and Last Survivor Table properly reflecting the appropriate beneficiary on the account, the calculation will produce an even lower payout than the single life table.The danger of too much of a reduction is that the proper calculation will be insufficient for your needs and if this forces you to bust the plan, you will incur the penalty and interest on the original higher payouts from the earlier method. If sufficiency is your concern, then the single life table will generate the highest payout you can get out of the RMD method. Since you will have to consider a new account balance for every year end, you may also want to re check the investments that are in the IRA account and change them to more stable investments. All of the available options are affected by your other sources of funds, both outside of retirement funds, or in such funds but outside of your 72t account.2008-11-27 15:52, By: Alan S., IP: []

L2: Life Expectancy TableThanks to all. I’ve got what I need.2008-11-27 16:17, By: ChuckC, IP: []