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L1: life expectancy table discrepancyOn the life expectancy calculator here, the single-life result for someone age 58 is 25.9 and on the IRS table the result is 27.0 This is more than rounding tolerance. Can someone explain?2009-01-06 22:18, By: Kromehorse, IP: []
L2: life expectancy table discrepancyLife expectancy is based in part on the mortality table being used in the calculations.Based on your figures, you were using the 1983(a) table – there are 7 tables available. Unfortunately, that’s the table that was used before theAnnuity 2003 table which produces 27 years as a life expectancy.Which is right?Both are right. In fact even though the results are different, all 7 tables produce the right numbers. No place on the page do we state that you will get the same results as the IRS tables for SEPP plans or Minimum Disrtribution calculations- we merelysay that it calculates life expectancy.You may want to just stick with the specific SEPP or MD calculators as they have the current IRS tables built in. 2009-01-06 22:39, By: Gfw, IP: []