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L1: Mid Term or Long Term AFR?
Your site has allowed me to retire early and see the world! Thanks so much!
When I started SEPP distributions in 2002, it was allowable to use 120% Long Term AFR. So my SEPP plan was written to use 120% Long Term as of January of each year. I see that the maximum rate is now 120% Mid Term of the month of the withdrawal.
Should I use 120% Mid Term AFR for future distributions or continue using 120% Long Term AFR?
Should it be the rate as of January (per my plan) or the month of the withdrawal?
Ray DOB 10/1959 Thanks again.
2011-07-27 20:15, By: Rayg, IP: []

L2: Mid Term or Long Term AFR?
Use whatever you defined in your plan. If your plan started prior to the effective date of Rev. Rul. 2002-62, then the long term rate would be appropriate and if you plan defined the recalculate date as January, then use the rate as defined in your plan.
2011-07-27 20:52, By: Gfw, IP: []