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L1: Mid Term rate projections?I just retired at age 50 from the federal government in a LE position. I have a TSP and have already contacted Vanguard to set up an IRA Rollover account. I will probably forward my paperwork to the TSP at the beginning of March and I would guess that the rollover to Vanguard would take about three weeks. I believe that Vanguard can assist me in setting up a SEPP. I will be receiving a retirement FERS annuity andcould probably live on this alone for a while. However, I wanted the additional income cushion of the SEPP.If my rollover package to Vanguard was complete by the end of March, could I use the Feb or March Midterm rate, whichever was higher? Also, any projections for the Midterm rate for the coming 3 to 6 months, esp with the Economic Stimulus package about to pass?Thanks.2009-02-07 20:24, By: Dave, IP: []
L2: Mid Term rate projections?If you start in March, you can use the higher of January or February. If you start in April, you can use the higher of February or March.Where are rates going?It is anyone’s guess! If the current stimulus package passes it will result in a lot of spending, perhaps a few jobs and perhaps later a little inflation which typically forces interest rates up. Also think about doing an annual recalculation plan with a recalculation in January of next year.2009-02-07 21:23, By: Gfw, IP: []