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L1: midterm interest rateI’m confused on the the midterm rate and when it actually changes. I understand that you can use a rate looking two months back. But the info on the site say that the rate is from the 15th of the month. The current November rate I can use seems to be 4.16, with that stay at that rate until Dec 14th? I am trying to set up my 72t by end of Nov, thinking that the rate will be reduced on Dec 1st, am I incorrect about it changing on 12/1????2008-11-26 06:08, By: mcli759, IP: []
L2: midterm interest ratePlease re-read the page – the 15th of the month has to do with our calculation of the estimated mid-term rates for the next month.Interest rates change monthly.2008-11-26 06:13, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: midterm interest rateThe start date for a SEPP Plan is the date for your first distribution. So in your case, if you have your first distribution by 11/28/2008 (Friday after Thanksgiving), then you can use 4.16%, which is the midterm rate for September, 2008. However, since you asked your question on 11/26/2008, the day before Thanksgiving, I suspect that you did not have time to set up and make your first distribution by last Friday, and you are looking at a start date sometime in December.Don’t worry about the date for establishing the mid term rate, just pick a rate from one of the two previous months and plug it into the calculator on this site. So if you start in December, which I suspect is reality, then use either October (3.81%) or November (3.57%) for your calculations.Jim2008-12-02 08:25, By: Jim, IP: []