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L1: Multiple Account distributionI established a 72t distribution on two accounts last year. The distribution paperwork had the account numbers backward. For calandar year 2010 I took the correct total amount. The problem is that I took the calculated amount for accountX out of accountY and the calculated amount for accountY out of account X. My thought is that while it could be an issue the total amount was correct. I plan to switch it back to correct the problem. Any thoughts?2011-02-24 16:39, By: David, IP: []
L2: Multiple Account distributionAs long as both accounts were included in teh same SEPP plan, there is no problem. You can take as much or as little from either account as long as by 12/31, you took the calculated annual amount.2011-02-24 16:54, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Multiple Account distributionThis happens to be about the only error possible that will not bust your SEPP, so you are very lucky. It is also a warning to very carefully double check your distributions periodically, particularly in early December when you still have a chance to take out more if you are short, or to possibly roll back an excess amount if it was distributed within the prior 60 days.2011-02-24 19:18, By: Alan S., IP: []