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L1: Multiple IRA”sHi
It”s possible that this question has been answered and I haven”t seen it yet, so bear with me. I am 55 1/2 and am starting my SEPP from 2 IRA”s this month. I realize that I can”t “alter” these IRA”s until the 5 years and 1 day has passed. However, I will be 59 1/2 in March of 2012 and am contemplating taking a withdrawal from the 3rd IRA in April of 2012. Am I correct in believing that such a withdrawal will not affect the SEPP that Ihave set up in the other 2 IRA”s??
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L2: Multiple IRA”sIf the3rd IRA is not a component of your 2-IRA SEPP universe, then you may make withdrawals from this 3rd IRA without affecting the integrity of your SEPP Plan. Your 3rd IRA will be your “emergency IRA” which you can use beforeage 59 1/2 for withdrawals … subject to the 10% penalty in addition to the ordinary taxes … or after your age 59 1/2 for penalty-free withdrawals.
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