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L1: Multiple IRA’sI have three IRA’s that have been pooled together for my 72t calculation. I am currently drawing from one IRA(A)for the 72t amount and wish to transfer my IRA’s to another company. Should I keep IRA A,B, & C in separate accounts when I transfer or can I combine B&C together being I am not drawing from these yet?2009-08-06 13:43, By: kajuntwin, IP: []
L2: Multiple IRA’sIf they are all part ofyour SEPP and you are transferring all to a new Custodian/Trustee, it might bebest (unless you have special reasons) to merely combine all three IRAs into one account. 2009-08-06 15:17, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Multiple IRA’sSo combining IRA’s does not bust a 72t as long as they were all used in the 72t calculation and no new deposits or withdrawals (outside of the 72t w/d) are made, correct?2009-08-06 16:02, By: kajuntwin, IP: []

L4: Multiple IRA’sIt should not bust the plan if 3 accounts were combined into the same plan.
With that said, the IRS has come out with some strange rulings regarding partial transfers of IRA Plans which are part of the SEPP.
If they are all three with the same custodial at this point, I might combine them and then do the transfer.2009-08-06 16:07, By: Gfw, IP: []

L5: Multiple IRA’sMake sure that you transfer into a completely new IRA and not an existing IRA. Otherwise you have a bust.
Jim2009-08-06 16:18, By: Jim, IP: []