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L1: once a year disbursementI am beginning my 72t in Oct. 2009. Can I take the entire years’ payment in October, and do I have to continue taking payments single payments in october until I reach 59 1/22009-08-24 18:41, By: fitem, IP: []
L2: once a year disbursementYes, you have the option of taking EITHER 100% or 25% (3/12) of your annual distribution in 2009 in any frequency or amount in 2009. For all future years you can take your annual distributions at any time, any frequency, and any amount, so long as the total for each year EQUALS your annual distribution amount.
Obviously it depends upon cash availability whenever you want to take distributions.2009-08-24 21:21, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: once a year disbursementThanks for the help. Great, informative website.2009-08-25 13:08, By: fitem, IP: []