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L1: Planning pointers – Do not roundNew Plan:/DOB 02/15/1962/First Distribution March 2017. Your planning pointers stress not to round your distribution percentage. I can understand not rounding up but why is it a problem to round down…to be on the cautious side?2017-02-06 22:30, By: ReeRee, IP: []
L2: Planning pointers – Do not roundDo not round means that you should not round the calculated annual withdrawal – nothing to do with percentages.
If you are going to divide the annual by 12 and you round it before dividing, you could be more than $1 off ion the total of the 12 months payments.
Don’t be more cautious – just take the calculated amount – no more and no less, that is being cautiuous.2017-02-06 23:08, By: Gfw, IP: []