reinvestment with a 72t

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L1: reinvestment with a 72tIs there anything that changes as to the dividends or profitsthat one gets in a 72t. Can they be reinvested just like a normalIRA account. I’m mainly talking about stocks and mutual funds..??2010-06-27 00:29, By: Mass, IP: []
L2: reinvestment with a 72tAll distributions from retirement accounts, including IRAs, are taxed at “regular tax rates” ( unless you had any “non-deductible IRA” or “after tax” employer plan contributions. In those cases, part of the distributions are tax free.The special 15% ( or -0- ) tax rates for qualified dividends and long-term capital gains are lost in retirement accounts.2010-06-27 03:04, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: reinvestment with a 72tThe question has nothing to do with taxes!!!!Can you REINVEST your dividends and profits in a 72-t account??Thanks2010-06-27 03:31, By: Mass, IP: []

L2: reinvestment with a 72tMass,
I think your question is really whether or not you can continue to reinvest dividends that are earned in an IRA that is used for a 72t. As long as the money stays in the IRA, those kinds of transactions, and the buying and selling of stocks and mutual funds are all the same as they are in an IRA that is not in a 72t. Ken2010-06-27 03:28, By: Ken, IP: []